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Discover The New Testament

Introduction To The O.T.

Introduction To The N.T. - During the Adult Bible class on Sunday mornings at 8:45 a.m. we are taking an airplane ride of the New Testament starting April 19. That is, each Sunday morning we are presenting an overview of one book - one book per Sunday. You will soon discover the purpose and meaning of each book of the New Testament.

Church Family

Our Purpose - The purpose of Berean Bible Church is to help every Christian glorify God (1 Cor. 6:20), make disciples (Matt. 28:18-20) and become a spiritual father of the faith (1 John 2:12-14). Therefore, we provide you with the spiritual meat of the Word of God (Heb. 5:11-14; Eph. 4:14). We are a family church that loves, cares and supports one another. Listen to our pastor-teacher's message on Growing the Saints, part 3.

Sunday Sermons - Check out our pastor's sermons at the audio section.At the pastor's webiste, which is NeverThirsty.org, you can find all of his sermons plus many more materials.

CD  Ministry - If you would like a copy of a message found in the audio messages, please contact the church. The cost is $3.50 per message, which includes shipping. The church may be contacted at (520) 237-9496.




Sunday Morning

Book of Romans

Book of Romans - Come and discover the rich depths of the the salvation that God has given every Christian. Romans is unique in the New Testament. You will discover the truth about the human race and God's love and grace. Join us for this rich study.

Sunday Evenings

Minor ProphetsMinor Prophets - Interested in the learning about the 12 Minor Prophets in the bible? The names of some of the books are Obadiah, Joel, and Hosea, for example? Our pastor is teaching through the Minor Prophets chapter by chapter, verse by verse. Come discover what these precious books are all about. Currently we are the book of Hosea.


KGMS Radio

Foundations in Grace airs at 10:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings on radio station KGMS which is 940 AM on your radio. You can listen to past messages in the archives. If you have questions, please call the church at 520-237-9496. If you are interested in the longer, unedited version of the messages, please visit Audio Messages.